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Chen Pan Ling Miami USA visited Japan Family

23-27 March 2019, Exchange Meeting at Sakurai Shrine in Itoshima Fukuoka Special Lesson by Master Dennis Feng Quan Training Trip to Yufuin Thank you for bringing us the martial arts spirit and kung fu of Chen Panling! 感謝中国世界太極网的支持


Chen Xiaoyi joined Sanya Nanshan The 3rd World Tai Chi Culture Festival on 15-17 Sep. 2018. 一年一度世界文化節,中国三亚に開催、世界各地たくさん太極名家を参加して素晴らしい太極祭りです!9月15一17日

The 50th Anniversary of the death of Mr. Chen Panling

The 50th Anniversary of the death of Mr. Chen Panling was held on September 24, 2017 at the 2nd World Tai Chi Cultural Festival (Sanya). The heads and successors of various schools in Tai Chi and Wulin as well as Mr. Chen Yunqing, the son of Mr. Chen Panling had travelled from Taiwan to Sanya participated in the commemorative event (Organized and hosted by: Granddaughter of Chen Panling – Chen Xiaoyi) with more than 50 disciples of the “World Chen Panling Traditional Martial Arts Family” around the world. In the commemorative event, the masters of each school in martial arts gave speeches and praised Mr. Chen Panling whose contributions and …



The results of the 2017 All Japan Tui-Shou Championships

The results of the CPL world family players of the All Japan Tui-Shou Championships held yesterday are as follows. Takemura (Chief Instructor of Jifeng Martial Arts Academy) won the second prize in heavyweight class. Sanada (Student of Jifeng Martial Arts Academy) won the 3rd prize in heavyweight class. Uno (Master of Mingjing Quanshe) wins 3rd place in light weight class. He also played in the open weight divijon, although he weighs only 65 kg, he won the 4th prize, then he got the Fighting-spirit award. Uno and Takemura, are the disciples of Master Tohyama, and Sanada is a student of Master Tohyama.