2023 年第八屆世界盃太極拳錦標賽/Tai Chi World Cup Championships 2023

We went to Taiwan for 5 nights 6 days from October 25 to 30. The purpose of this trip was to visit the graves of Grandmaster Chen Panling , Master Chen Yunqing, and Master Chen Yunchao, and to perform 99 Style Tai Chi with 500 people at the opening ceremony of Tai Chi World Cup Championships. From Fukuoka, 18 members led by Master Chen Xiaoyi participated. 3 people from Tokyo, Master Tohyama and his disciples Mr. Takemura and Ms. Goto, Master Dennis from Miami, and Master Hal and 3 of his disciples joined us from USA. In front of his grave, members offered words of gratitude and condolences, and pledged …

Tai Chi Stage Performance~

   Performance Production by 99Japan Association    太極拳をもっと楽しむ    99太極日本~舞台表演~本番 日本99協会 


~陳雲慶師傅傳授。 Xingyiquan: Four Hands ~ taught by Master Chen Yunqing.


陳泮嶺伝統武術:純陽劍,陳雲慶師傅傳授。 Chen Pan ling Martial Arts: Pure Yang Sword, taught by Master Chen Yun qing .  


Chen panling traditional martial arts Spear 陳泮嶺傳統武術~槍


陳泮嶺傳統武術:形意棍(陳雲慶傳授)Chen Panling Traditional Wushu: Xingyi Stick (taught by Master Chen Yunqing)

Sad News 悲報 訃報

Sad News Master Chen Yunqing (the son of Grandmaster Chen Panling) passed away yesterday in a Taiwan hospital  at the age of 84Master Chen Yunqing has inherited traditional Chinese martial arts throughout his life, cultivated thousands of disciples around the world, and made countless merits for the popularization, development and inheritance of traditional Chinese martial arts in the world.  He has made a huge contribution His soul will always live in the hearts of every disciple, let us pray for him I will continue to popularize and spread traditional Chinese martial arts together with disciples all over the world to make human beings healthy                    …


◆Chen Panling Wushu Textbook: Yue-style Lianquan. ◆陳泮嶺伝統武術~岳式連拳    

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