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The results of the 2017 All Japan Tui-Shou Championships

The results of the CPL world family players of the All Japan Tui-Shou Championships held yesterday are as follows. Takemura (Chief Instructor of Jifeng Martial Arts Academy) won the second prize in heavyweight class. Sanada (Student of Jifeng Martial Arts Academy) won the 3rd prize in heavyweight class. Uno (Master of Mingjing Quanshe) wins 3rd place in light weight class. He also played in the open weight divijon, although he weighs only 65 kg, he won the 4th prize, then he got the Fighting-spirit award. Uno and Takemura, are the disciples of Master Tohyama, and Sanada is a student of Master Tohyama.

New site has started

We have our site , recently communist China has more strict policy about their “Great Firewall” or 「金盾」 in Chinese and Japanese language. I, the webmaster had tested many servers, and had found out which server is the best against the great firewall. This site is located in this server and visible in PRC, would you check out the two maps after “ping test”

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