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陳泮嶺大師九九太極拳 與 台灣生命動能全球愛放電 Taiwan Dynamic Life Energy 「Love Fun」Around the world with the Great master of Tai Chi Chuan 99 Form, Chen Pan Ling     九九太極拳環遊世界

Grandmaster Chen Yun Ching’s 80th Birthday Party

June 3 is my uncle(Grand Master Chen Yun Ching)’s 80th birthday, we are going to hold a birthday party for him. Students in Japan and I will go to Taiwan during 1st~6th June, to celebrate with Master Chen. Sincerely invite everyone to join, celebrate birthday together and also be exchanged, those who are interested to participate, please contact me as soon as possible in order to facilitate the schedule of activities Looking forward to seeing Taiwan in June! Chen Xiao Yi