2023 年第八屆世界盃太極拳錦標賽/Tai Chi World Cup Championships 2023

We went to Taiwan for 5 nights 6 days from October 25 to 30. The purpose of this trip was to visit the graves of Grandmaster Chen Panling , Master Chen Yunqing, and Master Chen Yunchao, and to perform 99 Style Tai Chi with 500 people at the opening ceremony of Tai Chi World Cup Championships. From Fukuoka, 18 members led by Master Chen Xiaoyi participated. 3 people from Tokyo, Master Tohyama and his disciples Mr. Takemura and Ms. Goto, Master Dennis from Miami, and Master Hal and 3 of his disciples joined us from USA. In front of his grave, members offered words of gratitude and condolences, and pledged …

Tai Chi Stage Performance~

   Performance Production by 99Japan Association    太極拳をもっと楽しむ    99太極日本~舞台表演~本番 日本99協会 


陳泮嶺伝統武術:純陽劍,陳雲慶師傅傳授。 Chen Pan ling Martial Arts: Pure Yang Sword, taught by Master Chen Yun qing .  


這是八卦掌董海川大師所傳,陳泮嶺大師在台中傳授,《台中市嶺雲武術協會》創會理事長陳雲慶老師指導,由《台中市嶺雲武術協會》現任理事長安守剛策劃及本會學員演出。 This is the performance of Bagua Stick by the students of Master An Shou Gang under the coaching by Grandmaster Chen Yun Ching .  

Chen Pan Ling Broadsword

Chen Pan Ling Broadsword performed by Rochester Ling Yun Pai – James Ransom, Brian Bruning, Philip Lavine -July 2018

Chen panling 99Taichiquan in japan 2018,4,22


The 50th Anniversary of the death of Mr. Chen Panling

The 50th Anniversary of the death of Mr. Chen Panling was held on September 24, 2017 at the 2nd World Tai Chi Cultural Festival (Sanya). The heads and successors of various schools in Tai Chi and Wulin as well as Mr. Chen Yunqing, the son of Mr. Chen Panling had travelled from Taiwan to Sanya participated in the commemorative event (Organized and hosted by: Granddaughter of Chen Panling – Chen Xiaoyi) with more than 50 disciples of the “World Chen Panling Traditional Martial Arts Family” around the world. In the commemorative event, the masters of each school in martial arts gave speeches and praised Mr. Chen Panling whose contributions and …



The results of the 2017 All Japan Tui-Shou Championships

The results of the CPL world family players of the All Japan Tui-Shou Championships held yesterday are as follows. Takemura (Chief Instructor of Jifeng Martial Arts Academy) won the second prize in heavyweight class. Sanada (Student of Jifeng Martial Arts Academy) won the 3rd prize in heavyweight class. Uno (Master of Mingjing Quanshe) wins 3rd place in light weight class. He also played in the open weight divijon, although he weighs only 65 kg, he won the 4th prize, then he got the Fighting-spirit award. Uno and Takemura, are the disciples of Master Tohyama, and Sanada is a student of Master Tohyama.

Classic Yan Style 85 TaijiQuan. Performed by Chen Fu Zhongwen.

Classic Yang Style Taijiquan 85 form. Performed by Chen Fu Zhongwen.

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