The 50th Anniversary of the death of Mr. Chen Panling was held on September 24, 2017 at the 2nd World Tai Chi Cultural Festival (Sanya). The heads and successors of various schools in Tai Chi and Wulin as well as Mr. Chen Yunqing, the son of Mr. Chen Panling had travelled from Taiwan to Sanya participated in the commemorative event (Organized and hosted by: Granddaughter of Chen Panling – Chen Xiaoyi) with more than 50 disciples of the “World Chen Panling Traditional Martial Arts Family” around the world. In the commemorative event, the masters of each school in martial arts gave speeches and praised Mr. Chen Panling whose contributions and achievements of the Chinese martial arts, water conservancy, and educational undertakings. Further, they also spoke highly of Mr. Chen Panling’s martial arts spirit of loyalty, courage, morality, as well as the combination of traditional and scientific development of martial arts. The performance of martial arts from disciples overseas is also an icing on the cake in this commemorative event. As the people from the fields in Wulin participates actively and successfully in the commemorative event, they have opened a new chapter in the history of Chen Panling’s traditional martial arts. We deeply appreciate everyone in the martial arts community for their support and love.

“陳泮嶺先生逝世50周年紀念会"於2017年9月24日在第二屆世界太極文化節(三亚)期間舉行,陳泮嶺先生的儿子陳雲慶先生專程從台灣到三亚和來自世界各地"世界陳泮嶺傳統武術家族"50多位弟子及太極,武林界各門派名流,掌門,傳承人一起參加了紀念会(紀念會總策劃,主持:陳泮嶺孫女~陳暁怡) 紀念会中各流派名家發言赞頌了陳泮嶺先生在中国国術,水利,教育事業的貢獻和成就,更对陳泮嶺先生忠,勇,義,德,俠的武德灵魂和傳統与科学結合發展国術的武学思想給予了高度評價。海外弟子的精彩演武讓紀念会錦上添花。 由於武林各界人士踴躍參與使得紀念会非常成功圓滿,開啟了陳泮嶺傳統武術歷史新的一頁,誠摯感謝武林界各位先進的支持和厚愛!