We went to Taiwan for 5 nights 6 days from October 25 to 30. The purpose of this trip was to visit the graves of Grandmaster Chen Panling , Master Chen Yunqing, and Master Chen Yunchao, and to perform 99 Style Tai Chi with 500 people at the opening ceremony of Tai Chi World Cup Championships. From Fukuoka, 18 members led by Master Chen Xiaoyi participated. 3 people from Tokyo, Master Tohyama and his disciples Mr. Takemura and Ms. Goto, Master Dennis from Miami, and Master Hal and 3 of his disciples joined us from USA. In front of his grave, members offered words of gratitude and condolences, and pledged their dedication in the future. In addition, the first-ever performance of 99 style Tai Chi by 500 people was successfully ended. It was a wonderful international exchange trip for the Chen Pan Ling world family regardless of age or gender.





アメリカMiamiからDennis老師、San FranciscoからHal老師とそのお弟子さん3名が台湾で合流して参加しました。